Cellulose Acetate Tow

Acetate tow is a natural product deriving from wood and used for filter making. Produced by a Chinese manufacturer, we deal with the steady acetate quality. Produced to keep cigarette quality and aroma, our acetate passes through a strict quality control to assure the best quality standards. For King size type, we could supply




Most used acetate:

  • 6.1Y/18,000
  • 2.5Y/30,000
  • 2.7Y/30,000
  • 4.5Y/30,000
  • 3.9Y/31,000
  • 2.4Y/32,000
  • 2.9Y/32,000
  • 3.0Y/32,000
  • 3.5Y/34,000
  • 2.7Y/35,000
  • 3.0Y/35,000
  • 3.3Y/35,000
  • 5.0Y/35,000
  • 7.3Y/36,000
  • 3.0Y/37,000
  • 3.3Y/37,000
  • 3.3Y/39,000

Packaging/Shipping/delivery: Carton packing, with 300kgs or 500kgs per bale. Shipping way including sea, land, air, or other ways which are workable for you, and normally the production lead time of 1 40HQ container is 5 days.