Tear Tape / Tear Strip


Tear tape provides an easy opening solution for external packages of cellophane and carton. It can improve user experience while open product packages. Printed tear tape or laser tear tape can protect brand owner’s products from counterfeiting as well as work for security purpose. Our polyester film printing machine can guarantee explicit printing pattern on BOPP film, OPP film, PET film, MOPP film.

Thereafter, our highly sophisticate slitting machine to cut printing polyester film into designed width of tear tape. In the meantime, rewinding machine to rewind slitted tear tape till finished easy tear tape bobbins.


The type of easy tear tape we provide are as following:

1. Transparent Tear Tape or Clear Tear Tape

2. Different color printed Tear Tape

3. Anti-Counterfeit Tear Tape

4. Tear Tape With Miniature Text

5. Holographic Tear Tape

6. Laser Tear Tape