The tobacco industry is developing rapidly. Raw tobacco production is a popular activity. Thousands of factories around the world produce various types of tobacco products. In our today's article we will look at the main types of smoking and non-smoking products.



The first type includes:

Cigarettes are made up of cut raw materials that are wrapped in cigarette paper. Products may vary depending on length and width. Some cigarettes are made with a filter, others without. There is a variation of cigarettes with a capsule.

Cigars are products that differ primarily in thickness (at least 15 mm). It is made of three layers.

Cigarillos are similarly made of several layers, but the thickness of cigarillos does not exceed 15 mm. Sometimes comes with a filter.

Cigarettes (papiroses)- cigarette holder is wrapped in special paper, as a filling is special raw materials.

Also this category includes tobacco:

  • for hookah – it has different original taste and aroma. It contains special ingredients, such as flavors.
  • thin-cut smoking – it isusually used for making cigarettes by hand by rolling up tobacco in cigarette paper.
  • pipe - this tobacco mixture is used for smoking through special pipes. It consists of a variety of mixtures. More than 75% of the raw material is occupied by fibers with a width of more than 1 mm.

Separate attention deserve:

Bidi - pre-shredded tobacco leaves. Also it includes veins and stems. All raw materials are wrapped in a Tendu leaf and tied with a thread;

Kretek - it is produced from mixtures with aromatic additives and cut raw materials are present in the composition.

The second type includes

Sucking tobacco - it is made of tobacco dust. Various ingredients can act as an additive.

Chewing - it is made from pre-compressed tobacco leaves.

Snuff – it is made from a mixture of tobacco dust and pre-shredded tobacco. Other ingredients may be present.

Nasvay is a kind of smokeless tobacco product. Components considered to be tobacco and lime. One of ingredient can be vegetable oil. Some seasonings can be added to give the product an original taste.

We explore the most popular types of tobacco products that are widespread throughout the world.