Manufacture of tobacco products is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The basic products are:



Cigarettes (papiroses)

Production consists of several stages.

Special features

  • At the first stage of work, lots are assembled from various types of tobacco leaves. This stage is performed according to the recipe of the product. If the tobacco has a low humidity, it additionally goes through the stage of moistening, after which it moves in portions to the conveyor of the pinching line.
  • The next stage after mixing is grinding by special cutting machines.
  • The cut tobacco comes in special installations in which it turns into a fluffy mass.
  • At the stage of drying taste and aroma characteristics are improved.
  • Then the tobacco fibers are cooled.

Specialized tobacco factories are equipped with cigarette aggregates, due to which up to four thousand cigarettes can be produced in one minute. It is important to note that special packaging and plastic wrapping machines can produce about 36 packs in one minute. To ensure continuous quality control of production the units are equipped with special devices.

Production of products contains next operations:

  • Selection by grade according to a specific recipe
  • Moisturizing
  • Getting fiber (tobacco leaf passes through special machines and units)
  • loosening and dusting
  • Cooling
  • Manufacturing

The raw materials undergo various chemical processes during storage such as:

  • Oxidative
  • Gas exchange

Such processes affect the consumer qualities of tobacco and are called "aging." Aroma turns out more subtle and pleasant, sharpness leaves.

The effects of “aging” can vary from 12 to 24 months. It depends of the type and subtype of tobacco. After this period, the quality of tobacco deteriorates. A favorable temperature regime of aging for raw materials is 17-20 ° C. Currently, materials for cigarettes are very easy to buy. It is enough to choose a reliable partner, who will become a supplier of quality raw materials for you. Cooperating with our company, the customer receives quality materials for the manufacture of tobacco products.