The use of self-adhesive tear-off tape


In modern production self-adhesive tear-off tape is used everywhere. It is used for packaging a variety of products, including cigarette packs. It can be made with an exclusive design decoration. It gives the customer opportunity to emphasize the products. As for the parameters of tape, they can be different. The width of manufactured products may vary from 1.5 to 4 mm. The size of the drums can be up to 10 meters. The cost and time of manufacture of self-adhesive tape depends on the volume of the order and the complexity of its implementation. For example, if a customer is interested not only in a transparent, but in a decorated tape, it will take more time to make it.



The use of self-adhesive tear-off tape

The tear-off tape is a narrow strip of thick film. It is intended for easy opening of the package without using a knife. As for the scope of such material, it is very wide:

  • Cigarettes
  • Sweets
  • Medicines and medicaments
  • Office supplies
  • CDs
  • Food

You can order such tape from many manufacturers and suppliers. As a rule, the terms of the order are negotiated individually. Tear-off tape is a convenient material for packaging food, drugs, cigarettes and other products. Key features:

  • Durability
  • Density
  • Adhesive base
  • Quality
  • It is possible to apply the design

To buy a tear-off thread

It is easy to buy a tear-off tape. You need to find a reliable supplier, select a material and place an order for this. In most companies, managers provide assistance and support in selecting tapes. Currently, the production of cigarettes is impossible without using self-adhesive tear-off tape. This product is irreplaceable.

It is much more convenient for consumers to open the packaging with such a tape. There is no need to look for a sharp object to open, for example, a pack of cookies. Tear-off tape allows you to quickly open the package and take out the contents without using a knife or scissors. Thousands of products are packaged with tear tape. This is a relatively cheap and high-quality material that gives consumers opportunity of easy opening the package.