Drawing the image on a tear-off tape


Self-adhesive tape is a popular modern material that is widely used in various industries. Ease of use, affordable price and weight of useful properties make this material indispensable. Tear-off tape is widely used in the manufacture of tobacco products.



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Drawing the image on a tear-off tape

The parameters of the adhesive tape allow you to expose it to all kinds of processing. Recently, the technology of applying printing on the tear tape has gained popularity. This method allows you to make products recognizable and exclusive. If desired, you can print on the tape:

  • logo of the manufacturer
  • hologram
  • image
  • any drawing
  • inscription

Printing methods allow you to create amazing drawings on self-adhesive material. Thanks to original tear-off tapes, consumers gently open the package without damaging the contents. They are used in the food industry, in the production of non-food products and in the manufacture of packaging for the tobacco industry. Printing will make the product unique and emphasize the individuality of the manufacturer. As for price, such service will not worsen the financial situation of the client company, but it will strengthen the brand.

To buy self-adhesive tape

Branding on adhesive tear-off tape is a popular and sought-after service. But not every modern company is engaged in design processing of product. If you want to make an order for printing on self-adhesive tear-off tape, you should carefully approach the issue of choosing the designer. The appearance and aesthetics of the material will depend on the level of print quality. Drawing an image or lettering has the advantages:

  • Profitable cost
  • Abiliy to print any image
  • Minimum lead time
  • Brand recognition

Thus, printing on the ribbon will help companies make their product recognizable and exclusive.