Aluless foil

Aluless foil

A NOVELTY on the packaging materials market – Aluless foil.

This is a paper base, covered with a white inorganic coating, which allows you to maintain the quality characteristics of the packaged product, to save from moisture and odors.

Like aluminum foil, this material is perfectly embossed, allowing to apply different patterns, product brand names, logos, etc.

This product does not contain aluminum at all. The density of this material is 61-68 g / m2.

Параметр Показатель
Упаковка: на поддонах
Порт отгрузки: Шанхай, Нинбо (Нингбо)
Срок изготовления: 10 дней
Мин. заказ 20 тонн
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