Acetate tow

Cellulose Acetate Tow


Guandi Industrial Pte. Ltd company - supplier of the products for the cigarettes manufacturing. We offer top quality products at a reasonable price. 

The acetate is used in the manufacture of the cigarette filters. The cigarette filters must retain their aroma and taste for a long time, so the product quality depends on the choice of the raw materials.


Acetate tow: manufacture

Acetate tow - a product of natural origin, it is obtained from the wood. Our company works only with high-quality acetate, manufacture products with the preservation of the quality and aroma of cigarettes. Experts of our company make the analysis, quality control and compliance of acetate, because we strive to improve the production daily. Weight, which is expressed in certain units of length, is fixed as weight in grams of 9000 m of any linear material.


For the manufacturing of tobacco with unique taste and other properties, it is necessary to make a lot of effort. Our company is:

  • Unique technologies
  • Staff of the professionals
  • Continuous improvement of the products quality
  • Democratic price of the goods

Acetate filter factory

Today the buying of the filters for cigarettes is not difficult and indeterminate problem, thousands of companies offer similar services. But you need to be careful and beware of fakes! In addition to competitive prices, Guandi Industrial Pte. Ltd offers the highest quality products that can be purchased wholesale. We guarantee favorable terms of cooperation and prompt delivery.

You can order acetate bundles from Guandi Industrial Pte. Ltd: we offer the best conditions for cooperation and favorable prices.


Most used acetate:

  • 6.1Y/18,000
  • 2.5Y/30,000
  • 2.7Y/30,000
  • 4.5Y/30,000
  • 3.9Y/31,000
  • 2.4Y/32,000
  • 2.9Y/32,000
  • 3.0Y/32,000
  • 3.5Y/34,000
  • 2.7Y/35,000
  • 3.0Y/35,000
  • 3.3Y/35,000
  • 5.0Y/35,000
  • 7.3Y/36,000
  • 3.0Y/37,000
  • 3.3Y/37,000
  • 3.3Y/39,000

Packaging/Shipping/delivery: Carton packing, with 300kgs or 500kgs per bale. Shipping way including sea, land, air, or other ways which are workable for you, and normally the production lead time of 1 40HQ container is 5 days.