Cigarette Paper

Cigarette Tipping Paper is specially designed for high-speed cigarette maker, offering unique features to meet international quality standards available in various printing designs and colors, according to customers' requirements. To ensure best run ability, color consistency, cigarette-making machine employs the most sophisticated technology, so that highest production and efficiency is;

What we can supply

Traditionally, especially in the past, cigarettes were only produced with cork imitation tipping paper. When marketing started to occupy an important role in the product development, the industry started to quickly change its face and the production of innovative cigarettes ;

Today, the market requires tipping paper of every kind and colour to personalize cigarettes as much as possible. The higher demand of the so called "light" cigarettes, requires perforated tipping paper to lower nicotine and tar;


We supply a wide range of papers for low medium and hi speed can provide papers up to 8 colours, laminated with aluminium, white, with coloured lines and or logos . All papers are available with or without tip release.


1. Packing: us pallte, 20'GP: can packing 22 pallets total; 40ft can packing 40pallets


Plug Wrapping Paper

Plug wrapping paper is indispensable in cigarette filter rod production. It will wrap and shape acetate tows fiber into rods of filters. With advantages of high tensile energy absorption, well-proportioned fiber texture, it has great performance in filter rod making machine. Different porosity can adapt to different request from customers. It features good tensile stiffness, moisture resistance and high porosity up to 12,000 CU which can effectively reduce tobacco tar and nicotine content while smoking.

The types of product we provide are as following:

1. High Permeability Plug Wrapping Paper

2. Normal Permeability Plug Wrapping Paper

3. Low Permeability Plug Wrapping Paper