Filter rods


The cigarette filter has been patented in the early of the 20th century but only starting from the sixties a benefit has been recognized giving a kick to the market. Today filtered cigarettes have the biggest market share. The filter itself plays a very important role, retaining all risky components like TAR, nicotine and fine residual particles of the paper and tobacco combustion. We supply a wide range of filters, monoacetate, with different composition and sizes.



These are the standard filters, the most used on the market. They are composed by acetate tow and porous or non-porous plug wrap. They can be used on any kind of cigarette, from the most delicate to the most intense taste, allowing to obtain the smoking performance wished by the customer.




Double filters may be acetate/acetate or acetate/acetate with an additive, providing in both cases important advantages if compared to classical monoacetate filters. Currently, the most used additive is the active carbon which improves the filtering of organic semivolatile substances. The active carbon also permit to modify the taste and to make the smoke smoother. The microparticles of carbon can be added in different quantities according to the customer’s indications.



Currently these filters are the most multi-segmented filters on the market. Triple filters allow the alternated use of one or more filtering additives or the addition of flavors. Additives can be added in different quantities according to the customer’s indications.



Filters with a cavity in the part of the mouth that combines the unique look of the cigarette with the advantages of double filters, i.e. the possibility to add additives. A more rigid plug wrap and the cavity allow to obtain a particular perception of smoke. Furthermore acetate tow do not comes in direct contact with the mouth.



Acetate filters with porous and non-porous plug wrap, with reduced diameter for the production of slim and ultraslim cigarettes. They can be supplied with diameter lower to the slim 5.7mm for several applications.




On demand we can also supply special filters according to the customer needs. Any filament of acetate tow can be used following to special requests.