Tear Tape / Tear Strip

The tobacco industry is developing rapidly. The important thing is the high quality of the materials used to make cigarettes. Guandi Industrial Pte. Ltd is a leading supplier of products required for tobacco production. You can order and purchase special self-adhesive tear tape at an attractive price.

To buy inexpensive self-adhesive tear tape

We supply goods, without which the manufacture of cigarettes is not possible. Thanks to unique technologies, the reliable products that are recognized by thousands of cigarette manufacturers are being created. It is possible to buy a tape wholesale in any volume from us.

Self-adhesive tear tape can combine a large amount of materials such as paper, foil, carton and much more.

To buy tape with delivery

Self-adhesive tear tape is created to facilitate the opening of the package to avoid damage and other mechanical effects. This narrow strip makes it easy to fix the packaging material and at the same time it is not interfering with the visual appearance of the product.

Our company is engaged in the production and supply of self-adhesive tear tape. We also work with individual orders. Self-adhesive tear tape is a profitable purchase for high-quality packaging products. It will become an indispensable assistant in any field. Generally, you can apply on the self-adhesive tear tape:

  • Text;
  • Logo;
  • Hologram;
  • Brand.

We offer you favorable terms of cooperation and prompt delivery of goods in any direction.