As for filter manufacturers it is important not only to work with a first-quality acetate tow, but also to pay attention to another important chemical product, triacetin.

Triacetin, the chemical name for glycerol triacetate, is a plasticizer. It is important to note that triacetin plasticizes all types of cellulose ethers. Guandi Industrial Pte. Ltd is a supplier of high-quality and reliable products for manufacturing of cigarettes. We carry out regular wholesale supplies from China.

Buy triacetin from the manufacturer

Triacetin is used as the main plasticizer for cigarette filters, but this is not the only way. Due to the features and properties of this element, triacetin is used in certain areas of production:

  • in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent for antiseptics and fungicides.
  • in the foundry industry as a binder for the preparation of sand molds and cores.
  • as a solvent in the manufacturing of perfumes.

In addition, triacetin has also found use in some segments of expiring and food industries. We supply high-quality ISO 9001 certified triacetin that is used in the tobacco and food industry.

Product Features

The standard packaging of triacetin is 240 kg drums, each of which is supplied in 20 or 40 ft containers. One 20 ft container contains 80 drums for a total net weight of 19,200 kg. We also provide drums of 1200 kg each.

We provide support and assistance to the client to achieve the goals and find the best technical solutions in the case of individual requests, such as low acidity.

Experts of our company are developing technologies to improve the production of tobacco products. We follow the innovations and changing requirements of the legislation. It is important to establish quality standards at each stage and to do detailed monitoring of emerging problems. The production of tobacco products implies a full technological cycle, so it is important to monitor the quality of each individual item of products. We offer you wholesale purchases of triacetin at competitive prices.



The standard packaging is in drums of 240kg each shipped into 20’ or 40’ containers. One 20’ Container contains 80 drums for a total net weight of 19.200 kg. We can also provide drums of 1200kg each.


In case of special requests like low acidity, we can provide support and assistance to the customer to obtain the best technical solutions.