Cigarette Garniture tape

Cigarette Garniture Tape is an essential part of the cigarette making and filter rod making machines because it’s used for tobacco rod forming purposes

Cigarette Garniture tape

Any modern machine for making cigarettes and filter rods at high speeds requires the use of high quality tapes for good performance. On this basis, we strive to offer our customers erfect Garniture tapes for maximum performance of a cigarette machine. We offer various types of Garniture tapes and for various types of paper and tobacco blends.

We offer Garniture tapes made of two types of materials: Kevlar and linen.

Both types of tape are widely used on high-speed cigarette machines. A distinctive feature of Kevlar Garniture tapes is their long service life due to the fact that the tensile strength of Kevlar fibers is 4.7 times higher than that of steel.

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