The strength and stability of cigarette packaging are key elements of a successful tobacco brand. Special reinforcement insert collar for cigarette packs effectively prevents their deformation. Understanding this, we offer our customers high-quality cardboard for the manufacture of this insert. Therefore, we guarantee exceptional performance and high mechanical properties of the final product.

It is possible to manufacture cardboard for inserts according to individual sketches of different colors, both white and colored, or by applying an image.


  • Types: white, silver, gold, laminated, with printing, etc.
  • Basis Weight : 190g / cm2, 210 g / cm2, 220 g / cm2, 225 g / cm2, 230 g / cm2, 250 g / cm2
  • Width: 75mm, 91mm, 95mm or according to customer specification
  • Length: 800m / bobbin etc.
  • Internal diameter, mm: 70, 76, 120, 150
  • Transport packaging: pallet
parametr indicator
packaging: on pallets
port of shipment: Shanghai, Ningbo (Ningbo)
production time: 10 days
Min. order 20 ton
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