Plug wrap paper

Plug wrap paper is used for wrapping the inner acetate tow /PP Tow of cigarette filter, used filtering nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and other harm substances as much as possible. For buying the right kind of plug wrap paper, one must consider the permeability range of the highly porous plug wrap papers as one of their most important properties.

In addition to this, other properties such as mass (gsm), opacity and texture should also be considered. Most papers are naturally porous, their pores occur during paper sheet formation. Even if a large part of the nicotine contained in cigarettes is destroyed during burning, the remaining quantity is harmful enough to smokers.

The nicotine and tar present in smoke can be controlled by filter and papers.

Quality (technical) characteristics of the goods:

characteristics of goods specification unit average standard deviation
density 23,5 ± 1.50 гр/м2 23,78 0,33
thickness 60 ± 5.00 µm 57,17 0,98
breathability 6000 ± 1500.0 coresta 5779,19 535,56
tensile strength мин.2100.00 гр/15 мм 2286,78 64,62
stretch мин. 1.30 % 2,35 0,16
Combustible additives - % ACM- -
The size of the bobbin: 4.500 m x 26.50 mm or at the request of the buyer
storage conditions: temperature 23 °C, relative humidity 50%

Remember that the production of really high-quality cigarettes is impossible without the use of reliable materials, from the wrapper to the special paper

parameter indicator
packaging: standard cardboard boxes for wrapping paper
port of shipment: Shanghai, Ningbo (Ningbo)
production time: 20 days
Min. order 20 ton
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